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About us


The Farm Aula Mater was born many years ago from the passion of the Gabrielli family.

To be precise, everything began when Elio Gino Gabrielli decided to move to Medolla (Modena) in 1952, together with his wife Marta, to start a modest agricultural activity.

Over the years they dedicate themselves with passion to their activity specializing in the rearing of dairy cattle and in the cultivation of cereals and grapes destinated to wine and vinegar, winning in 1968 the “Spiga d’oro” award, established by the National Federation of Agricultural Consortium, for the best production of wheat tender in Italy.

At the same time, moved by the warmth of ancient tradition, they started some batteries in the attic of a building in their possession, thus giving rise to what is now acetaia Aula Mater.


The Gabrielli family acetaia Aula Mater is a place of tradition.
Mauro Gabrielli, Elio Gino’s son, has carried on the family business until today, with the with the help of his wife Claudia and his sons Lorenzo, Francesco and Marco.

A centuries-old tradition dedicated to the production of an excellent product, the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O.

And it is by following the methods of this ancient production process, paying attention to the hardness of woods, managing at best musts and barrels, that Gabrielli family renews this tradition.


The Balsamic Vinegar was considered a small treasure, a precious good to be kept within the community. Everybody contributed to produce it, from the children who pressed grapes to the women who made the embroidered fabric to close the barrels.

The batteries were taken care of as members of the family, because they lived in the same house and breathed the same air. There were many
Many were the moments linked to balsamic vinegar in family life: for each newborn child a battery was started, which was then bequeathed to the children; balsamic vinegar was the dowry that the woman brought to her future husband, a gift for a friend, a legacy for the next generations.